What to look for before purchasing a medical marijuana flower or bud?

Looking to buy a medical cannabis flower/bud? Confused about what all things to look for?

We’re here to help!

Read this insightful blog to get an overview of the 5 key features to consider when purchasing a medical marijuana flower or bud.

1. Smell

The first thing to look for is the smell of the marijuana strain. This is because each strain of cannabis has its own distinct smell courtesy of its terpene profile.

Generally speaking, a good quality flower has one of the following smells:

  • Strong & earthy
  • Fruity
  • Floral
  • Skunky

On the contrary, a poor-quality flower has a stale smell that resembles the scent of an old barn/hay. Moreover, check whether you love the smell of the flower, as it will most probably result in you enjoying consuming it.

2. Effects

Prior to purchasing a new strain of medical marijuana, do some research on its effects. Having an idea of the strain effects will prepare you for the experience after consumption.

For instance, individuals with anxiety disorders should avoid strains that have an uplifting/stimulating effect as it might cause their minds to go into overdrive.

3. Appearance

Superior quality cannabis flowers exhibit a wide array of colors, ranging from luminous green to dark purple.

Hence, if you come across medical cannabis products that grab your attention in the marijuana dispensary, then do enquire about them with the budtender.

4. THC: CBD Ratio

The percentages of THC & CBD in the marijuana strains are another important feature to look for. This is because the higher the THC ratio, the more will be the ensuing psychoactive effects after consumption. On the other hand, the higher the CBD ratio, the lower the psychoactive effects of a cannabis strain will be.

Consult the budtender about the specific percentages in different strains and ask for his advice regarding which strains will suit you as per your requirements & preferences.

5. Popularity

Another yardstick for choosing a good quality flower/bud is the popularity of the strains. If people are purchasing a specific strain the most, then it’s very likely that it’s of excellent quality. Speak with the budtender regarding the popularity of different strains.


With the endless variety of products available in cannabis dispensaries, choosing the right cannabis flower/bud for your consumption can be quite a tricky task!

Hence, looking for the 5 features mentioned above will help you shortlist the medical marijuana products that would be ideal for your consumption. In addition, make sure to consult the budtender regarding the suitability of different products for you before making the purchase.

Interested in buying medical cannabis for your health condition?

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