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– Lower prices: medical patients in Missouri don’t have to pay the same taxes as recreational consumers: 4% for medical vs. 6-9% for recreational

– Higher allotment: medical patients can gain access to much higher monthly allotments than recreational consumers

– Priority service: medical patients have priority when it comes to services like cannabis delivery; plus, if the state ever has a cannabis shortage, cardholders will be prioritized 

– Skipping dispensary lines: some dispensaries will have specific areas for medical patients that employees will prioritize over recreational buyers

– Access to cannabis products right now: we don’t know for sure when Missouri will see recreational sales! With a medical card, there’s no waiting around. Plus, you’re able to access products out-of-state if the state accepts cannabis reciprocity

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About Elevate Holistics

Scheduling an appointment to obtain your medical card is easy and worry-free. We’ve joined with Elevate Holistics, Missouri’s local cannabis clinic, to provide you a certified platform to virtually meet with a doctor from the comfort of your home.

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Who needs Medical Cards

Missouri has legalized Medical Cannabis, meaning for any resident of the state to legally consume marijuana, they first must obtain a Medical Card. Cards allow residents to own, grow, and consume legal quantities of cannabis within accordance of the law.

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Benefits of having
a Medical Card

With a certified Medical Card, Missouri residents may enter any cannabis dispensary in the state to purchase legally. This may include delivery and pick- up. Without a card, you will be unable to enter a d ispensary, grow cannabis, or consume it at any time.

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