Do I need a medical marijuana card to enter a dispensary?

Yes, you just need to be 18 or over with a medical card issued by the state to enter or make a purchase from a dispensary. To apply for one click here.

Can I purchase a Gift Card?

Yes. Due to state regulations, all gift cards must be purchased in store. Gift cards can only be redeemed by someone who has a state issued medical card.

Do you accept Google or Apple Pay?

No, cash or debit card only.

If I’m visiting from out of town and have medical card,can I make a purchase?

No. Due to federal regulations medical marijuana in Missouri is reserved for Missouri residents with a state issued Missouri medical card.

Will cash and debit card be acceptable forms of payment?

  • ACH as well as cash or debit payments upon delivery are acceptable payment forms. ACH is a bank-to-bank transfer or e-check.
  • Once set up, patients do not need to set up again.

Will patients need their ID present at the time of delivery?

Yes, we require a government issued ID and Missouri MMJ Patient ID to be present and with patient at the time of delivery.

How can I shop?

  • Go to
  • Choose “Order Delivery” or choose “Shop” and select your store. At the top of the screen and depending on your store you can choose pick-up or delivery.

What is the minimum delivery amount and what is the delivery area?

  • We are currently delivering within the greater Kansas City, MO area and beyond. We same day deliver North past Kearney, MO, East and to beyond Blue Springs, MO and South to Belton,MO & Raymore, MO. Let us know if you want delivery in your area!
  • Minimum order is $125

Will the daily deals be applied during delivery?

No, the only discounts allowed are veterans, senior citizen, and low income. Our daily deals are for in store only.

What is the current delivery range?

We are currently delivering within the greater Kansas City, MO area and beyond. We same day deliver North past Kearney, MO, East and to beyond Blue Springs, MO and South to Belton,MO & Raymore, MO.

What if I’m not there to pick up my medication?

All sales are final so you will be able to come in store to pick it up. Products and in-store pick up are only held for 24 hours.

Can my caregiver order and receive my medication?


Does medication ordered by a caregiver get delivered to the caregiver’s address or the patients address?

If the patient makes the order it will go to their address. The caregiver can accept the order at the patient’s address using the patient’s medical card and driver’s license. If the caregiver places the order, it will be delivered to the caregiver’s address on file.

How long do I have to cancel or change my order?

Once an order is placed you cannot edit an order. It must be cancelled and re-ordered.

How do I shop at your store?

We offer in-store, curbside, online pickup, and delivery options! To see the most up to date inventory, visit and choose the location for the full menu.

Are you open holidays?

We are open 365 days per year; however, we may have adjusted hours on holidays which will be posted.

Do I need a Medical Marijuana license to purchase cannabis?

No. you do not need a medical card to enter. Anyone 21+ with a valid permanent ID may enter. Note: Medical patients under the age of 18, may enter with a valid medical card AND valid ID.

Can I use my temporary paper ID from the DMV while I wait for my permanent one?

No. We cannot accept temporary paper IDs from any state. Please bring an alternative form of government ID such as a passport or military ID.

What payments do you accept?

Due to federal restrictions, we may only accept debit cards, cash, or ACH payments via Stronghold.

  • We do not accept coins, credit cards, Chime (white) cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Cryptocurrency.
  • Like most Missouri dispensaries, we use a cashless ATM system to process debit cards which charges a $3 fee per transaction (in addition to any fees your financial institution may charge).
  • We also offer ACH for online pickup, curbside, and delivery orders.

How much cannabis can I purchase as a recreational consumer?

Per Missouri law you may purchase up to 3 oz of cannabis. This includes edibles, topicals, and concentrations.

  • Medical patients may have alternate allotment amounts available and vary by patient. Medical patients can reach our customer service line at 816-775-2794 or inquire in store for more information regarding their allotment.

What are the tax rates for consumers?

Medical patients pay 4% tax and recreational customers pay approximately 6% tax added (may vary slightly by county).

Is there a difference in the product that medical patients can purchase vs. recreational consumers?

No. All products are available to all consumers.

Do you sell seeds or live plants?

No. We currently do not offer seeds or live plants for sale.

Do you prioritize medical patients?

Yes, We make every effort to serve our medical patients first, once checked-in!

If I’m visiting from out of town and have a medical card, can I make a purchase?

Yes, Present your out of state medical card to our receptionist when you visit, where a medical profile will be created for you, to ensure you receive the medical tax rate on your purchases.

How do I get a medical card?

Please visit the following link for more information:
Apply for your medical cards

How do I use my reward points?

You may apply your rewards points to any order (no purchase necessary), and they always stack on top of our other promotions. You may call customer service at (816) 775-2794 to request your point balance, apply to online/delivery orders or to answer any questions about your reward points. Simply ask your budtender when ordering in-store and they will apply them to your order.

Do you deliver?

Yes we do! Deliveries are dispatched from our North Kansas City location, and service a wide area around the greater KC metro area. We hope to expand our options soon, but feel free to make an order here and see if your address is in range. If it isn’t, contact us and let us know you want us to come to your area!

Do you accept Cryptocurrency like Potcoin, Cannabis coin, or Dopecoin?

No, cash or debit card only.

Do you have any special offers?

Yes. Check out our social media pages, website, and join our loyalty rewards program to stay up to date on exclusive deals.

Can I consume on dispensary property?


Have a question we missed?

Give us a call at any of our locations at (816) 775-2920

What are the time slots for delivery and how do they go about choosing one?

  • There will be (2) 4-hour delivery blocks.
  • Deliveries may take place anytime within that time block. We will call you and confirm an approximate timeslot.

Will customers be allowed to tip?

Yes, tips are allowed.

Does the address on my license need to be the same one I get my product delivered to?

No, however your delivery address MUST match your address on file, and in your account.

When does the payment get charged from my account?

Payment is pre-authorized immediately. Depending on your bank, payment may post in 1-3 business days.

How much can I get delivered at a time?

Up to your allotment

Can I use my rewards on my delivery order?

Rewards dollars accumulate but are ONLY redeemable in store.

How does the payment show up on my statement (i.e., as Besame Wellness or ATM Change)?

Besame North KC online pay, or it may show up as an e-check withdrawal.

What if I don’t receive a link for payment or tracking info?

Please call 816-683-7097 for assistance

Delivery FAQ

We discreetly deliver right to your door!!!
All delivery orders are dispatched from our Liberty location, and service a wide area around the greater KC metro area. If your address doesn’t currently qualify, contact us and let us know if you want us to come to your area!

What times am I able to receive a delivery?

Our delivery time slots operate on a two-hour delivery time-slot window each business day. We also offer ASAP deliveries (for qualified addresses).
Extended delivery hours are available Wednesday-Sunday!
Monday & Tuesday: 10AM-8PM
Wednesday – Saturday: 10AM-10PM
Sunday: 10AM-8PM

How do I know when to expect my delivery?

You should receive a series of texts to the number provided with the delivery order. We will notify you when you are next on the driver’s route with an ETA and when the driver is approaching with your order.

How can I shop for delivery?

1. Visit and select “DELIVERY” at the top of the page.
Alternatively, you may also view the Liberty Menu and choose Delivery.
2. Enter your address to see if it qualifies.
3. Login to your BesaMe account (or sign up for a new account).
4. If you qualify, continue shopping by adding products to your cart before proceeding to check out.
5. Select your time for delivery.
6. Add any additional instructions. (Ex. Redeem points, call upon arrival, gate code, etc)
7. Choose payment option.
8. Complete order.
*Delivery orders must meet $75.00 minimum to proceed with checkout.
*All delivery orders include a $7.00 delivery fee
*Government issued hard copy ID and Missouri MMJ Patient ID (if applicable) are required to show to the driver at time of delivery.

Will the daily deals or BesaMe rewards points be applied during delivery?

Yes. Contact our Customer Service team (816) 775 – 2794 to apply any discounts or rewards points, if you did not enter those details during checkout.

What if I have questions, need to make changes, or cancel my delivery?

Please contact our customer service team as soon as possible at (816) 775-2794. Any changes must be made 30 minutes prior to the delivery window.

What if there was an issue with my delivery or products I received?

Please contact our Customer Service Team as soon as possible for options and resolution at (816) 775-2794.

May I tip the driver?

ABSOLUTELY! Since we must process your debit card as an ATM transaction ($3 atm service charge applies, less any bank fees) we can always process your debit card for more than your total, so that you may have extra cash to tip your driver! Please feel free to ask your driver for more details!

Do you offer delivery?

Yes, within the Kansas City metro area with a minimum purchase of $75.

Is curbside ordering available?

Curbside pickup is available at all 5 locations! Shop online as usual and select “Curbside Pickup” during the checkout process. Once you have pulled into one of our designated curbside parking spots outside our store, give us a call and we will run your order out to you!

What is your return policy?

All items are subject to a 30-day exchange window for manufacturer defects; exclusions may apply. For any issues after pickup, please contact our Customer Service Team at (816) 775-2794 for exchange/replacement options.

Do you offer a first-time customer discount?

Yes! We offer a 10% discount or a $.01 preroll!

Do you do anything special for birthdays?

Yes! We offer a 10% discount or a $.01 preroll!

Can someone else pickup my online order?

No. The name on the ID MUST MATCH the name that was used to place the order.

Can you hold my online order overnight?

No. All orders must be picked up by the close of business that day or they will be canceled and restocked.