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What is it?


  • What is the difference between
    Sativa and Indica?
  • What are terpenes?
  • What is THCa?
  • What is CBD?

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Have questions? Concerns? We’re here to help. BesaMe Wellness prides itself on not only carrying high quality cannabis, but our commitment to our customers. Let us be a part of your cannabis journey, and together we’ll chart a new course.
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Healthy living starts with
a healthy diet

Cannabis can be consumed through food.
We feature tons of recipes each week on our Instagram and Facebook.

Stretch Saturday
Yoga Series

Our Instagram features weekly educational videos on Yoga. Each movement is broken down step-by-step and health benefits explained.

Last prisoner project

Thousands of Missouri Residents are convicted for nonviolent cannabis related crimes.

Missouri is in a state of reform and the Last Prisoner Project is an organization that is working on releasing those who have been convicted.

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and for more information about the safety of cannabis, see this infographic