What is the Difference Between Live Rosin & Live Resin?

With medical cannabis products rising in popularity across the US, two specific marijuana concentrates have caught the attention of marijuana enthusiasts: Live Rosin & Live Resin.

They are part of an increasing variety of cannabis products available for purchase in licensed cannabis dispensaries. Let’s get to know these two concentrates in detail.

What is Live Rosin?

A potent cannabis concentrate with amber color, live rosin is extracted from the marijuana plant without utilizing chemical solvents commonly used to extract other types of cannabis concentrates.

This makes live rosin an attractive proposition for people who are mindful of their health.

Compared to other cannabis rosin products, ‘Live’ rosin comprises a higher quantity of terpenes, making for an increasingly unique experience.

What is Live Resin?

Live resin is also a potent concentrate that is quite sticky and is sometimes referred to by the names ‘Fresh Frozen’ or ‘Fresh Frozen Whole Plant.’

In contrast to other cannabis extracts that relinquish their majority of terpenes post-extraction, live resin holds onto all of its trichomes & cannabinoids, culminating in a potent cannabis product that is high in flavor.

Differences between Live Rosin & Live Resin

Following are the key differences between Live Rosin & Live Resin:

In terms of potency, live resin usually comprises a higher amount of THC than live rosin

Live resin is costly in comparison to live rosin as its extraction process is much more complicated

The extraction process of live resin includes the usage of chemical solvents, which is not the case with live rosin

Live resin lags behind live rosin when it comes to being rich in cannabinoids and terpenes

Live rosin is often deemed to be the top concentrate in the cannabis market due to being high aroma & flavor and the non-usage of chemical solvents in its extraction. This is not true for live resin.


Confused about choosing between live resin & live rosin cannabis products?

Well, both of these concentrates provide one-of-a-kind cannabis experiences and are much more potent than the majority of other cannabis consumption methods.

Hence, it’s well-advised to consult a licensed cannabis physician regarding the suitability of these concentrates for you and the recommended dosage as per your health condition.

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