What Is Cannabis Tolerance?

Do you consume medical cannabis to treat a particular health condition? If yes, then you need to be aware of cannabis tolerance.

What is Cannabis Tolerance?

Regular consumption of cannabis results in a number of changes in your nervous system. If you constantly consume high doses of cannabis, then these changes may dampen the beneficial effects & high of your regular edibles, flower, etc.

It may cause you to consume more cannabis to experience the same level of high and effects. This is basically what is termed cannabis tolerance.

It’s quite common in regular cannabis users and can vary depending on each person’s genetics and the potency of the cannabis they are consuming. The silver lining is that cannabis tolerance can be lowered but before discussing that, let’s have a look at its symptoms.

Symptoms of cannabis tolerance?

Cannabis tolerance varies in timescales from person to person, factoring in variables such as the regularity of consumption, quantity consumed in a single day, amounts of THC & CBD in the products consumed, etc.

Having said that, regular users will be able to decipher whether they have had to increase the quantity of cannabis consumption to experience the same beneficial effects as before. Also, they are experiencing only some of the effects rather than all of them, which is a common symptom of cannabis tolerance.

In rare instances, a very high cannabis tolerance could actually cause the reverse effects of what one is accustomed to, negatively impacting their life in the process. Also, it can make you addicted to cannabis which is quite a serious health issue to deal with.

Considering all this, it’s essential to be aware of how to lower cannabis tolerance. So let’s check it out!

How to lower your cannabis tolerance?

Lowering cannabis tolerance starts with gradually reducing your cannabis intake. Try a different cannabis strain of lower potency, or opt for CBD-only products. Make sure that you don’t have easy access to cannabis products in your house. Keep them away from your reach!

Whether that means you waste some money, then so be it, as health comes first before anything else. Moreover, you would save money over time as you avoid the adverse effects of cannabis tolerance and the ensuing medical costs.

Make sure to remain as busy as possible and engage in your favourite hobbies to avoid letting your mind wander and seek cannabis. The initial days when you decrease your consumption will be pretty challenging, with symptoms like strong cannabis cravings, reduced appetite & energy levels, headaches, lack of focus, irritation, insomnia, etc.

As weeks pass and you stick to your task, the symptoms will improve gradually, and you can go full cold turkey if possible. Completely avoiding cannabis consumption for up to 4 weeks is known to be especially effective in lowering cannabis tolerance.

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