Stay in School: Medical Marijuana Education is on the Rise

With more and more US states legalizing cannabis, medical marijuana education in schools is on the rise!

After California legalized marijuana in 2016, what followed was long lines outside medical marijuana dispensaries in the state. Similar scenes were witnessed in several other US states.

Awareness regarding medical cannabis began to grow as people young and old came across advertisements or heard conversations regarding this hotly debated drug. Interested individuals from legal medical marijuana states began registering online on their state’s registry to get a medical marijuana card.

With a medical marijuana card and recommendation by a doctor, they began legally obtaining cannabis by visiting marijuana dispensaries or requesting cannabis home delivery.


Marijuana Abuse

Despite the rising awareness and legalization in many US states, substance abuse still remains a major issue countrywide.

Marijuana abuse is widespread in the US and continues to rise, with teenagers smoking more than ever. This is particularly concerning since teens who smoke marijuana are at a greater risk of becoming addicted to marijuana or something harder in their later years.

One positive that has emerged amongst all this is the substantial evolution of drug prevention education in schools. From the ‘Just Say No’ theme of the ’80s, today’s education focuses on critical thinking skills & decision-making rather than just straightaway avoiding it.


Medical Marijuana Education on the Rise

A school in the San Francisco Bay area is using the Being Adept curriculum, which is an evidence-based curriculum being used by around 20 schools in the area.

The drug abuse education in this curriculum is based on decades of meticulous effectiveness research and the latest teaching techniques.

The old days of a brain on drugs being compared to an egg in a frying pan are long gone. Research that assessed the effectiveness of these old scare-tactic-based programs has shown that they were very much ineffectual. On the other hand, today’s drug abuse education helps cultivate a completely different mindset about school-based prevention.


To summarize, the focus of medical marijuana education today is on facts and not imposing fear in the minds of students.

Diktats like ‘Just say no’ have been rightfully weeded out, and students are encouraged by teachers to inspect data, contemplate on motives, debate on risks, and ponder on their respective goals & values.

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