Role of CBD in epileptic person’s life

As per the Michigan Epilepsy Foundation, 1% of Americans have some kind of epilepsy – a neurological disorder which causes recurring, usually unprovoked seizures.

Epilepsy affects people of all ages and has a significant negative impact on their lives by putting them in considerable danger due to the fierce tremors and making them vulnerable to sleep problems, anxiety disorders, migraines & depression.

This is where Cannabidiol (CBD) comes into the picture!


What is Cannabidiol (CBD)?

A component of the marijuana plant, CBD has been garnering significant attention due to its potential medical applications, especially with regard to treating different types of epileptic seizures.

This attention has been warranted largely due to its only prescription form, ‘Epidiolex’ getting approved by the US FDA for treating seizures in 2 difficult-to-treat epilepsy forms – Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome (LGS) & Dravet syndrome.

Epidiolex comprises around 98% purified CBD and is the brand name for the pharmaceutical-grade cannabidiol oil product produced by Greenwich Biosciences, a reputed pharmaceutical company.

Role of CBD in Epileptic Person’s Life

Adults and children aged more than 2 years and suffering from any of the above-mentioned two rare epilepsy forms can be legally treated with Epidiolex.

This is vital considering that out of all types of epilepsies, up to 40% are resistant to drugs, which makes Antiepileptic Drugs (AEDs) ineffective in their cases.

Hence, an effective alternative treatment option such as CBD oil plays a key role in managing these epileptic conditions successfully.

How CBD Oil Helps Treat & Manage Epileptic Seizures?

CBD oil through its analgesic, anticonvulsant, anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties helps treat & manage epileptic seizures.

On entering the bloodstream of a person, CBD oil interacts with the following brain neuron receptors:

  • Opioid that helps provide pain relief
  • Dopamine receptors that regulate cognitive & behavioral problems
  • Serotonin receptors that are the reason behind various physical & mental health problems

This not only helps decrease the frequency of seizures an epileptic patient experiences but also reduces symptoms like pain that can be linked with their epileptic condition.

A 2019 review of studies on Epidiolex revealed a sustained decrease in seizure frequency ranging between 30% & 63%. Moreover, the seizures were around half as serious and the post seizure state was also better than usual.

CBD Oil Side Effects

Even though CBD oil seems an excellent treatment option for treating epileptic seizures, it certainly has its fair share of side effects.

The side effects are generally mild and include:

  • Sleeping issues, lethargy & fatigue
  • Diarrhea and weakness
  • Changes in weight
  • Reduced appetite
  • Rashes, fever and vomiting
  • Upper respiratory tract infection/rhinitis
  • Status epilepticus (prolonged seizure necessitating emergency attention)

The side effects can be sometimes severe, requiring emergency medical attention. They include:

  • Liver injury symptoms like jaundice, abdominal pain, vomiting & dark colored urine
  • Mood fluctuations such as anxiety, depression & suicidal ideation


Over the past few years, an increasing number of research studies on marijuana and its components including CBD are being conducted nationwide. This is mostly due to the wave of medical marijuana legalization across US states.

These research studies have shown CBD to be a viable treatment option for different types of epilepsies. Having said that, it’s important to consult a qualified healthcare provider before using CBD for treatment.

This is because CBD is not the right treatment option for everyone suffering from epilepsy. Only a doctor can ascertain whether CBD is a suitable option for you, further recommending the ideal dosage and monitoring the results & side effects.
We conclude by saying that as time passes by and more & more comprehensive research studies are conducted on CBD, the results will hopefully back the early evidence that CBD may help treat epileptic seizures.
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